Ways of Getting Asthma Relief

Asthma ReliefThere are many ways to get asthma relief, such as in the form of medicines, natural herbs, and inhalers. There are also some exercises that can provide relief from your asthma condition. This article will list some of the best asthma treatment options for you and your child that are suitable on your budget. They are all proven effective and safe.

Swimming is doctor recommended for natural asthma relief. It helps strengthen your breathing and it also increases your stamina. The good thing about this exercise is that while you are improving your stamina, you are also learning how to do controlled breaths.

Believe it or not, another of the natural cures for asthma is Seahorse. This is an effective traditional medicine that originated from China. You can buy this from various herbal medicine stores. To prepare this for asthma relief, buy one piece of dried seahorse. You can grill and ground it to a powder form and mix it with your evening meal. You can also mix it with your morning hot coco, and it should not taste very bad.

During an asthma attack at night, one simple technique for natural asthma relief is to elevate your back when you are sleeping. This will free up space in your lungs and make you feel better breathing. Have a nebulizer beside you. You can use salt for the water, and this will relieve your blocked air passages. Salt-based inhalers and nebulizers are the one of the best natural options.

Herbal remedies are also good. Asthma is often accompanied by phlegm and cough, and you want to address these two symptoms to relieve the asthma. There are numerous herbal remedies for asthma, and one of them is the Lagundi Leaf, or Vitex Negundo. This is rare or non-existent in North America, but is widely distributed in tropical countries in Southeast Asia. Boil the leaves like tea, and drink the solution directly.

Overall, the best options for asthma relief are usually the natural ones. You can try great physical activities like swimming laps in a pool, or buying natural remedies from the downtown market.

Drug-based asthma remedies will relieve your condition, but they also make you dependent on them, not giving you a true cure. There are many people who have bought thousands of inhalers throughout their lives and could not live without them. So if you want to experience true asthma relief, go for the natural options instead.

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  1. Kenneth Stanfield

    I’ve been hearing of more and more people using the salt water technique in their nebulizers. You have a great site, with good information about asthma treatments. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anna

    Seahorses are a endangered species and there are NO studies or proof that they cure asthma! (google it and you only find “traditional belief” as a reference) It is TRULY IRRESPONSIBLE of you to recommend this treatment without even mentioning that the seahorse are highly endengerad and if they continue to be fished out, there will soon be no more.


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